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As your newly re-elected London Assembly Member I am delighted to represent you for another 4 years at City Hall. I am also honoured to have been appointed Chair of the Assembly Police and Crime Committee and sit on the Transport Committee. We have a new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and it will be important that I form a good working relationship with him and his Deputies.

As I ceaselessly point out, the Mayor has an important and increasingly powerful influence over the lives of local people. He basically runs public transport, controls the Police, has a final say on large planning applications, and has a big say over Housing, amongst many other areas. My job is to hold him to account, be a Champion for you and try to ensure that we get at least our fair share of investment and favours from the new administration.

It will be a new dynamic, but when I judge the outcome will be good for our residents I have a track record of working with politicians of all parties. Local priorities that stand out for me, is transport investment locally, keeping our area safe, protecting our green spaces whilst building homes for our people and the regeneration of our District Centres.

Please do contact me if you feel I may be able to help you.


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   0207 983 4405

   City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA


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